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Beautiful Tank, Great Customer Care
Hi Shane, This is Tyler with Two Tides. It’s extremely rewarding to see your tank all set up and running. It was also a great day when I heard from you that the movers did well bringing the tank up all those steps outside your door. You have a killer system going so far, and definitely keep me updated with how everything grows out. You’ve got my number. Cheers and happy tanking my friend To Your Success, - Tyler Moon
Pro Clear 4 in 1 Red Flex Sump

Hey Andrew,

Absolutely, very glad we could resolve the leak and get your system goin before the weekend. Gotta love the contrast on that stand you made.

Let us know how the cycle on the new tank goes and talk soon.

To Your Success,
- The Two Tides Team

Personable, Efficient and Smooth Experience

Hey Reno,

This is Tyler with Two Tides. Deeply appreciate the good comments, and I've got to say that it was quite a pleasure working with you. I'm very happy to see your clean freshwater system all setup and thriving, and you gotta love that vertical driftwood. Looks great man.

Don't be hesitant to call in with your progress, and yes hoping this is just the beginning of our working relationship. For now, wishing you great success and enjoyment with your new ProStar

To Your Success,
- Tyler with Two Tides

Great Customer Service

Hey Khalil,

This is Tyler with Two Tides. Thanks for your honest feedback, and your kind words on our service. I truly had a blast working with you, and even despite the plumbing holdups and all those video calls I'm just glad that we got to the end result of the beautiful tank you see every day.

That being said, we have taken your feedback seriously, and have just released a series of ProStar Plumbing Diagrams which can be seen in the product images for the ProStars, as well as a full Assembly Guide which can be viewed under the 'Assembly + Installation' tab. These will be emailed to clients while their tank is in transit so setup is very simple when the tank arrives. There are also videos in the works. We look forward to seeing this improve the experience of future clients.

Thanks for making us better Khalil, and keep us updated on how your discus and angels enjoy exploring the new tank!

To Your Success,

- Tyler with the Two Tides Team

Awesome piece of technology!
Hey Michelle, Very glad you enjoy your ProStar's design and that it's working well for your setup. Keep us updated on your system and happy tanking for many years to come To Your Success, - The Two Tides Team