"Classic 57W" Aquaculture-Grade, Easy Installation, Long-Term Bacteria and Pathogen Killing UV Sterilizer (Limited Lifetime Housing Warranty┃Bulbs last 12-14 Months)
"Classic 57W" Aquaculture-Grade, Easy Installation, Long-Term Bacteria and Pathogen Killing UV Sterilizer (Limited Lifetime Housing Warranty┃Bulbs last 12-14 Months)
"Classic 57W" Aquaculture-Grade, Easy Installation, Long-Term Bacteria and Pathogen Killing UV Sterilizer (Limited Lifetime Housing Warranty┃Bulbs last 12-14 Months)
"Classic 57W" Aquaculture-Grade, Easy Installation, Long-Term Bacteria and Pathogen Killing UV Sterilizer (Limited Lifetime Housing Warranty┃Bulbs last 12-14 Months)
"Classic 57W" Aquaculture-Grade, Easy Installation, Long-Term Bacteria and Pathogen Killing UV Sterilizer (Limited Lifetime Housing Warranty┃Bulbs last 12-14 Months)
"Classic 57W" Aquaculture-Grade, Easy Installation, Long-Term Bacteria and Pathogen Killing UV Sterilizer (Limited Lifetime Housing Warranty┃Bulbs last 12-14 Months)
"Classic 57W" Aquaculture-Grade, Easy Installation, Long-Term Bacteria and Pathogen Killing UV Sterilizer (Limited Lifetime Housing Warranty┃Bulbs last 12-14 Months)
"Classic 57W" Aquaculture-Grade, Easy Installation, Long-Term Bacteria and Pathogen Killing UV Sterilizer (Limited Lifetime Housing Warranty┃Bulbs last 12-14 Months)

"Classic 57W" Aquaculture-Grade, Easy Installation, Long-Term Bacteria and Pathogen Killing UV Sterilizer (Limited Lifetime Housing Warranty┃Bulbs last 12-14 Months)

Brand: Aqua Ultraviolet
Item Number: AQUV-CLSC57W-WHT

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Shipping Policy: Little or No Shipping Charges for Regular-Sized Items; We Cover Part of the Freight Costs for Large Items Shipped Nationally. See Shipping Policy.

Dimensions: 20"L x 3.75"Dia x 6"H (see diagram in Image 4 for precise measurements)

Inlet and Outlet Fitting Diameter: 2" Slip PVC

UV Bulb Usage Rating: 8,000 Hours / 12-14 Months Continuous Use

Sterilizer Type: In-line (plumb into return line with hard or soft plumbing and connect to input fittings; not meant to be submerged in water)

Function: Stunt and control the growth and spread of bacteria, algae, and pathogens for clearer and more polished aquarium water, and a healthier and more balanced aquatic ecosystem for our fish, plants, and corals.


  • One of the highest respected and long-term trusted brands in the global water sterilization industry, delivering water purification solutions globally for over 40 years
  • 100% U.S. manufactured in Southern California
  • Highest quality UV bulb for any sterilizer
    • Rated for 8,000 hours or 14 months of continuous and reliable use
    • All 4 electrical connection pins on one side of bulb for easy slide-in and plug-in installation
  • Quartz bulb sleeve protects UV bulb from water to keep in peak operating condition while allowing a 99.9% transmittance rate of UV rays
    • Recommended to clean off quartz sleeve every time we do a bulb change (12-14 months)
    • Consider replacing sleeve every 2-3 years or if sleeve turns yellow or brown (see "Videos" tab for a walkthrough of how to changeout the quartz sleeve)
  • Quartz cap glows blue / purple color as a visual indicator to show that the UV bulb is on, and functioning properly

Usage Guidelines:

  • Reef Tank Usage (Image 5)
    • Effectively Sterilizes = 325-355 Gallons
    • Flow Rate Target = 2,133-3,200 GPH
    • Average UV Dosage = 30,000-45,000 µw/cm² (technical talk for a relatively high pump flow rate and low bacteria / protozoa “kill rate”)
    • End Result = clean, polish, and disinfect aquarium water, while maintaining a healthy balance of nutrients and food supply for reef life to feed on (higher kill rates will destroy this food supply)
  • Saltwater Fish-Only Usage (No Reef or Live Rock; Image 5)
    • Effectively Sterilizes = 325-355 Gallons
    • Flow Rate Target = 1,066-1,280 GPH
    • Average UV Dosage = 75,000-90,000 µw/cm² (technical talk for a low pump flow rate and high bacteria / protozoa “kill rate”)
    • End Result = effectively control and regulate fish disease, making it nearly impossible to infect and spread (when using Sterilizer properly)
  • Freshwater Usage (Image 6)
    • Effectively Sterilizes = 1,500-3,000 Gallons
    • Flow Rate Target = 3,200 GPH
    • Average UV Dosage = 30,000 µw/cm² (technical talk for a high pump flow rate, low bacteria / protozoa “kill rate”, and high polishing rate)
    • End Result = create and maintain crystal clear, highly polished, and healthy aquarium water
  • Shaded Freshwater Pond (Image 6)
    • Freshwater Pond Note: only use the following numbers when pond is partially shaded and has around 50% plant coverage - otherwise use "Freshwater Usage" numbers above
    • Effectively Sterilizes = 6,000-6,500 Gallons
    • Flow Rate Target = 3,250 GPH
    • End Result = increase water clarity deep under the water's surface, resulting in a much more natural, cleaner, and transparent looking pond
  • Notes for Proper Use
    • First off, the “µw/cm²” measurement that you see for “UV Dosage” is simply telling us what amount of UV rays are penetrating our water. This effectively tells us our “kill rate”, or how quickly our sterilizer is killing algae and protozoa.
    • We can use this dosage number to find our suggested pump flow rates (for the pump feeding our sterilizer) in Images 4 and 5 (the graphs with red arrows and boxes). We’ve also listed the ideal flow rates above for this specific UV sterilizer wattage (8W) above for easy reference. Unmatched water clarity and polish follow when these flow and kill rates are achieved and maintained. 
    • To dial in flow rates accurately, the ideal solution is to invest in a reliable and adjustable DC Pump. This will enable us to change the flow rate without having to get an entirely new pump and switch them out if the flow isn’t right, and will also allow us to change the flow and kill rate at any time depending on the current needs of our system.
      • Tank doing well? Crank up the flow and increase the amount of water being polished.
      • System suffering from a pathogen infection? Turn down the flow and increase the kill rate to get rid of microscopic pests.


    • Limited Lifetime Warranty on Unit Housing for UV Bulb Housing Degradation
    • 1 Year Complete Unit Warranty from Date of Purchase for Manufacturer Defect (excluding Quartz Sleeve)
    • Warranty Notes
      • Directly following purchase and upon receiving your receipt, be sure to Register Your Sterilizer Online (click to see registration page) to gain full access to warranty coverage. Without a registered purchase, it becomes much more of a process to prove manufacturer defect if something does happen. We will help along with this after purchase.
      • For safe installation to avoid any warranties having to be claimed and less headaches, see "Aqua Ultraviolet Classic Series Instruction Manual" in the "Downloads" tab above

    UV Sterilizers are a dense subject, especially if we are just beginning to learn about them. We highly recommend to familiarize yourself with the basics of UV equipment and maintenance before using these products, so that above all, you can operate them safely and securely. If a visual representation is more your style, feel free to visit the "Videos" tab for some video walkthroughs, and for any questions you have along the way, visit the "Questions" tab.

    Here is a Full and Detailed Instruction Manual for the Aqua Ultraviolet Classic series of UV Sterilizers. Yes, it looks like a lot, but we recommend just skimming through to familiarize yourself with the in's and out's. The most important pages to take a look at are pages 3-8, 10-16, 20-21, and 30.

    Aqua Ultraviolet Classic Series Instruction Manual

    Here is a Parts Breakdown for the Classic series. Every single part and piece in this unit is available standalone here at Two Tides if anything should break or stop working. Keep in mind, we do not sell the "Wiper" model, because the wiper will corrode and breakdown in saltwater.

    Classic Series Parts Breakdown

    Here is a Quartz Sleeve Replacement Guide for installing a new sleeve. Be sure to be careful when installing the new sleeve, as it is very fragile if not slid in straight. Read twice, install once.

    Classic Series Quartz Sleeve Replacement Guide

    Here is a Transformer Replacement Guide for installing a new transformer. Heads up, these transformers are NOT waterproof, so keep them up off the floor where there could be potential spills and stagnant water.

    Classic Series Transformer Replacement Guide

    In this video, the Aqua Ultraviolet Team walks us through a full and detailed Unboxing and Installation Guide for their UV Classic Series. Thanks guys! Note that this specific guide is for the 2" Fitting Classic Series (standard for this wattage unit).

    Here is a step-by-step UV Bulb Replacement Guide as well as a Quartz Sleeve Replacement Guide for the Aqua Ultraviolet Classic Series. Two Tides recommends replacing these UV bulbs every 12-14 months, and the Quartz Sleeves every 2-3 years. Also clean the sleeve if it ever turns yellow or brown (due to buildup), or if you notice a reduction in performance of the unit, making sure to wipe it off carefully and thoroughly with alcohol after cleaning. After burnt out or damaged bulbs, dirty sleeves are the biggest culprit of performance reduction. If the buildup is too much to clean, replace the sleeve. Do not try to force-clean the sleeveBroken quartz isn't fun to clean up. 

    Two Tides Advisory: 

    Aqua Ultraviolet. A name that has rung true in massive industries like Greenhouse and Growing Houses, Aquaculture, Manufacturing. Food and Beverage, and Recreational Use Water as a foundational and trusted brand for water purification and clarification. Their name has stood for over 40 years, and for good reason.

    It is only recently in that 40 year time span that they decided to make some home aquarium-friendly sterilization systems that provided a UV sterilization option and solution to meet the demanding needs of the most advanced hobbyists. They later shrunk the size of their units to accommodate to the novice and mid-level hobbyists, a great hole in the aquarium UV world that had yet to have a solid long-term solution for their generally smaller and simpler builds.

    If you can't tell by the buildup, we absolutely adore this brand and their products. They have a long-standing reputation of simple and functional U.S.-made products with dedicated and consistent service. They have thousands of reviews online all averaging out to over 4.3 stars (yes, we got curious one day so we did the math).

    If you look around the internet at the most experienced reef keepers with the largest, most beautiful, and longest standing successful reef tanks out there, see if you can take a look at their filtration system. Almost every single one of them uses an Aqua Ultraviolet system in some capacity, whether it be multiple of the smaller single bulb models, or all the way up to the larger two, three, and six bulb modules for tanks in the high hundreds or thousands of gallons range.

    Although these sterilizers have the versatility to operate on a massive range of tank sizes (from 8W units for up to 70 gallon saltwater and up to 200 gallon freshwater tanks, all the way up to their 240W model for up to 1800 gallon saltwater tanks and freshwater tanks upwards of 17,000 gallons), they have an extremely simple hobbyist-friendly catalog. One hang-on-the-back sterilizer (the "Advantage" series) and one standard in-line sterilizer (the "Classic" series). That's it. Two model options and intricate sizing guides make choosing the right sterilizer incredibly simple for someone new to the UV world. It takes around 15 minutes or less to find the right sterilizer fit for their system type and size.

    They both have a very simple and minimalist design, only including 4-7 parts out of the box. Installation generally takes around 10 minutes ("Advantage" series) to 25 minutes ("Classic" series) with one of the most detailed and picture-rich Installation Guides we've seen.

    This isn't to mention the option to choose either a sterilizer in black or white for all models which allows us as hobbyists to match the color of our equipment with our stand color. This is a small detail that can make a big visual difference when the stand doors come open, and it shows that Aqua UV truly understands the aquarium market and has listened to client feedback. 

    The performance level for the small form factor of these sterilizers is really what sets them apart for us. The punch of these little units is staggering in our experience. Search up reviews of these units online, you won't find many negative, if any (go ahead, test us). Hobbyists say time and time again that their water is crystal clear after 1-2 days, and an entire algae or bacteria bloom is gone within 5, which we can say is spot-on accurate from our own testing and continual use. Not to mention their UV bulbs are the only bulbs currently on the market that are rated for 14 months of continuous use (which is also spot on from our testing).

    All of this in an area that's manageable enough for a hobbyist to either plumb in and secure onto the floor of their stand, hard plumb to be positioned vertically, or using the available Aqua UV Mounting Brackets to screw directly into a wall or stand to free up floor space inside the stand.

    And if anything breaks on the unit, Aqua UV offers every single piece, part, and accessory for their sterilizers a la carte, so we don't have to worry about investing in a completely new unit because an O-ring seal or screw-on connector sprung a leak.

    So yes, they have a great product, but perhaps the most important aspect of Aqua Ultraviolet's for us as end users is their truly exceptional service. Not kidding you, go write in their contact form, and you will receive a detailed response within 30 minutes to an hour within their business hours. Every time. There was one instance where we had a question about warranty that was pretty specific, and we had an answer within 10 minutes. This has happened every time for us, and we've never waited any longer than 2 hours for an appropriate response, by email or phone, which is invaluable for a piece of personal tank equipment as vital to our system as this.

    We kind of wish there was more negative to say about these sterilizers. The only two nit picks are that the UV glow from the quartz cap is sometimes almost impossible to see without turning off the lights, which is a bit of an inconvenience.

    The other big UV brand for aquariums, Pentair, definitely beats out Aqua Ultraviolet in terms of raw performance, flow rate, and killing power. But in general most tank owners simply won't need something this powerful, at least over a long term basis, and is more reserved for the upper mid level to advanced hobbyist. Pentair's units are also considerably bulkier and more cumbersome to find a place for in the average tank stand, are a bump more expensive, and are only available in black.

    To wrap up, we'd recommend UV sterilizers like AA's "Green Killing Machine" to either a hobbyist looking to try out UV at a low upfront cost, or who needs a quick short term fix for a nasty algae bloom in a small to mid-size aquarium. We steer toward Pentair when max performance is a must, and where space and equipment visuals aren't an issue. We'd advise towards Aqua Ultraviolet for, well, everyone else, looking for an affordable all-in-one solution for UV sterilization and water clarification in their system, with simple and quick installation, an easy to manage footprint, and unmatched service for the inevitable questions that will come along the way.

    Have any further questions that aren't answered here? We'd love to hear from you, and learn how we can help you be as successful as possible in this wonderful hobby.

    You can call in to 727-214-7750 to speak with Tyler from our team to determine how to create your Ideal Aquarium Build.

    Also feel free to reach out to us at info@twotidesaquariumsupply.com and we will aim to respond back within the next few hours.


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