"Green Killing Machine 24W" UV Sterilizer Full Bulb and Housing Replacement Kit (for "Green Killing Machine 24W" Drop-In UV Sterilizer)
"Green Killing Machine 24W" UV Sterilizer Full Bulb and Housing Replacement Kit (for "Green Killing Machine 24W" Drop-In UV Sterilizer)
"Green Killing Machine 24W" UV Sterilizer Full Bulb and Housing Replacement Kit (for "Green Killing Machine 24W" Drop-In UV Sterilizer)

"Green Killing Machine 24W" UV Sterilizer Full Bulb and Housing Replacement Kit (for "Green Killing Machine 24W" Drop-In UV Sterilizer)

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Item Number: AAAS-GKM24W-RPLC

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Dimensions: 2.5"L x 2.5"W x 15"H

Wattage: 24W

Tank Rating: up to 120 Gallons

Main Function: Eliminate excessive bacteria from clouding the aquarium water into a green smog, and kill pathogens and pests from infecting our livestock


  • Bulb Replacements include Full Housing Replacement, ensuring never having to touch or handle UV bulb to protect user, plastic guard remains strong against UV's upon replacement, and simple pull-off disassembly turns bulb changes into a few second project
    • Each Bulb Housing is rated for a max of 9000 hours of continuous use
    • Two Tides has seen the bulbs last around 6-9 months, and we strongly recommend them to be changed every 6 months to maintain optimum and safe operation
  • Drop-In Submersible Installation creates a Plug-n-Place 5-10 minute full installation process
  • Patented Direct UV to Water Contact Housing is the only sterilizer design that passes water directly past the UV bulb
    • Peak efficiency means that the bulb does not need to be on as much to do its job, increasing both energy savings and bulb longevity
    • Drastically cuts down on sterilization period to clear water multiple times faster (generally 4-7 days from completely green to crystal clear)

  • Circular Internal Water Flow Pattern creates longest possible contact time between bacteria and UV's
  • Included Pump and Pipe Plumbing mean no tools, no external pipes, and no plumbing installation
    • Pump rated for optimal use and bacteria-killing time
  • LED Indicator Module visually alerts when UV bulb needs to be replaced, further lessens contact time between the user and the UV bulb, and eliminates the need to look at the bulb chamber to see if it is functioning properly (can cause eye damage if not careful)
  • UL Safety Certified (learn more about UL Safety)
  • #1 Best Selling UV Aquarium System in the U.S. with over 1/2 million units tested and sold

Here is a video from AA Aquarium showcasing the "Green Killing Machine" UV Sterilizer, with topics covered including Sterilizer Function, Usage Guidelines, and Housing Change Overview

This video demonstrates how simple it is for regular maintenance of the Green Killing Machine by Cleaning the Pump Section

Finally, Jeff from Premium Aquatics gives us a through rundown of the Green Killing Machine Unboxing

Here is a Quick Startup Guide for the Green Killing Machine 9W and 24W, with topics including Quick Installation, Safety Instructions, Maintenance Guidelines, and Troubleshooting

"Green Killing Machine" 9W + 24W Quick Startup Guide

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