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"Apex ATK" Controllable Aquarium Auto Top Off System
"Apex ATK" Controllable Aquarium Auto Top Off System
"Apex ATK" Controllable Aquarium Auto Top Off System
"Apex ATK" Controllable Aquarium Auto Top Off System

"Apex ATK" Controllable Aquarium Auto Top Off System

Brand: Neptune Systems
Item Number: NPTN-APEX-ATK

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Function: Safely and reliably combat evaporation and automate water top offs in your aquarium with 4 fail safes, the most out of any ATO system available. This eliminates the need to ever carry top off jugs to top off the aquarium.


  • One piece ready installation to easily operate right out of the box
    • Eliminates the massive pile of parts, pieces, and long instruction manuals and setup times inherent with any other ATO systems
  • FMM (Fluid Monitoring Module) acts as the brain that drives the ATK and its accessories, and allows the ATK system to be used completely standalone of an Apex System
    • Monitors all sensors 24/7
    • Tells the pump when to turn on and off based on current water level
    • Sounds an audible alarm and shuts off the system automatically when something goes wrong
    • Can connect easily to an Apex with its Aquabus port
  • PMUP (Practical Multi-Purpose Utility Pump) 
    • Able to push water up to 14 feet
    • Allows the ATO reservoir to be in a separate room, even downstairs from the display tank
    • Easily serviceable with full 5 second disassembly for maintenance
  • Water Level Mechanism actively senses current water levels with 4 Fail Stages (no other ATO currently has this any redundancies)
    • 1st Optical Sensor
      • Sits at the normal water level and senses when water is below it, and then tells the PMUP utility pump to turn on and fill the reservoir
    • 2nd Optical Sensor
      • Mounted slightly higher than the first sensor with the same function as a backup if the first sensor fails
      • When the second sensor is used instead of the first (because of sensor failure), the FMM module will sound an audible alarm
      • If connected to an Apex system, you will receive a mobile alert
    • IQ Fill Electronic System
      • Logs all the reservoir fill times required in your aquarium systems history
      • Makes a running average of all of these fill times together to create an average fill time for your specific aquarium system
      • Creates an Auto Shutoff Fill Time a few seconds after your average fill time, so that if the pump is ever on longer than that, the system automatically shuts off, sounds an alarm, and sends an alert
    • Float Valve Safety
      • Oldest and most tried-and-true tested way to monitor and regulate water levels
      • Acts as a final safety if all else fails
  • Optional Accessory Upgrades for the additional two slots on the FMM
    • Additional Optical Sensor
      • Mount at the base of your reservoir
      • Whenever the water level drops below the sensor, the PMUP will be automatically shut off and an alarm will sound telling you to refill
      • Prevents the pump from ever running dry
    • Leak Detection Probe
      • Position at the base of the tank or sump system
      • If there’s ever a leak, the probe will detect it and the FMM will sound an alarm and send an alert

Here is a video where Terence from Neptune Systems gives us a complete walkthrough of the Apex ATK including Equipment Rundown, 3 Level Fail Safe Overview, Complete Setup Demonstration, and Multi-Alarm Walkthrough. Thanks Terence!

Here we can see the Story of Neptune Systems, from Humble Beginnings, to Massive Improvements to become the aquarium controller powerhouse they are today.

Have any further questions that aren't answered here? We'd love to hear from you, and learn how we can help you be as successful as possible in this wonderful hobby.

You can call in to 727-214-7750 to speak with Tyler from our team to determine how to create your Ideal Aquarium Build.

Also feel free to reach out to us at and we will aim to respond back within the next few hours.


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Piece of Art

I was looking for rimless peninsula aquarium to upgrade my 80 Gallon and my 70 Gallon mixed coral reef this year, but had a really hard time finding it because of the coronavirus. So I purchased a ProStar 230 Peninsula from Two Tides and I’m glad I made the right choice. The 3/4” low Iron glass display tank and large glass sump and light weight white stand is just beautiful as a piece of art. Tyler is extremely helpful and responsive and made the process easy and stress free. Everything arrived very well packaged. When we were setting up the tank, we couldn’t believe how easy the setup was with no issues what so ever. If you are looking for a high quality aquarium I highly recommend this company.

Absolutely beautiful fish tank and customer services

I am very happy with my order. The tank is very beautiful of out the box and it was well packaging with feel very safe from shipping damage.

Custom services from Two Tides Aquarium Supply was excellent. I have communicated with Tyler who had assisted me throughout the process from ordering the tank through shipping process, and what to expect on delivery day.

I am highly recommend anyone who want to get a new aquarium, to purchase from Two Tides Aquarium. Best to look for Tyler, he is a very helpful and pleasing person to contact if you have any question. I am glad that I have met him and definitely I would buy again in the future from Two Tides Aquarium supply when I need another fish tank and any other aquarium supply that I may need.

Thank you very much for a beautiful tank.


Great Customer Service

I am very pleased with not only the product I received but the service that came with it. Tyler was in constant contact with me throughout each stage of the process. He answered all questions I had and was even able to provide me with links to plumbing parts I needed for the build. We had a small hiccup with shipping (carrier's fault not Two Tides) but Tyler was able to update me throughout the day. Tyler genuinely cares about his customers and I would recommend the company to anyone looking for their next show room tank!

Great unit

Makes water quickly. Very happy with the unit so far. Pump is quiet, runs great. Finally decided to get a good rodi system. This one has exceeded my expectations way better then any other unit that I've had before. TwoTides Aquarium supply shipped it fast and couldn't be happier with this unit.