"Seamless Sump®" Baffle Tub
"Seamless Sump®" Baffle Tub
"Seamless Sump®" Baffle Tub
"Seamless Sump®" Baffle Tub

"Seamless Sump®" Baffle Tub

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Seamless Sump Filter System

No one's dream aquarium is truly complete without a state of the art filtration system to keep the water clean and crystal clear at all times. The Seamless Sump filtration system is engineered to provide a worry-free, easy to use, and fully customizable way to circulate and clean your aquatic environment.

All Seamless Sump tubs are made from high-density polyethylene (HDPE), not standard acrylic or glass like most other sumps on the market. HDPE offers the following benefits:

  • Material is able to be manufactured in a single cast, meaning there are no seams, joints, or welds that can get weak and fracture/break over time
  • A perfectly non-stick surface, meaning that not even stubborn algae will be able to cling to the walls of the sump, making cleanings less frequent and providing lower maintenance time for the entire system
  • Same material used in landfill lining, fuel storage containers, ocean buoys, and salt spreaders where harsh conditions are present
  • Semi-transparency allows the water line to be clearly visible, but hides unsightly growths or stains that are clearly present with any other glass or acrylic sump system
  • Glass lids/baffles are molded into shape of design itself for maximum structural integrity, not glued or welded on
  • Highly resistant to chemicals and solvents ensures a lifetime of use
  • This price includes any additional holes that need to be drilled. Just tell us where and we'll make it happen

A complete Seamless Sump System contains 3 main compartment types: a Filter Sock Tub, a Baffle Tub, and a Reservoir Tub.

Baffle Tub

At the heart of every Seamless Sump Filtration System is the baffle tub, the second tub in the system. The Baffle Tub is where all of the biological media and return pumps are stored, and is also where additional hardware such as heaters or protein skimmers can be kept.

The biological media are all stacked in a tower formation on the left side of the baffle tub with the return pumps housed on the right (See Pictures 2 and 3). The baffle in the middle of the tub ensures that water cannot be drained down below a specific level, keeping all of the bio media baskets submerged at all times (See Picture 2). There is also additional room for more media baskets if a wet-dry component is desired.

The baffle tub also has an electrical cord grommet which keeps all electrical cords leaving the tub neat and organized. A glass lid prevents any loss of water due to evaporation. Both the glass lid and the cord grommet fit perfectly into specially designed recessions in the tub surface, meaning there is no glue and no welds that can weaken and fail over time.

*Please Note: See the "Specs" tab for info on what comes with the Media Package.

Dimensions: 20¾"L x 17"D x 17"H

Material: High Density Polyethylene (HDP)

Capacity: 21 gal.

Normal Package Comes With: 

  • Seamless Sump Baffle Tub Body
  • Glass Lids for all top openings
  • Cord Grommet

Media Package Comes With: 

  • Seamless Sump Baffle Tub Body
  • Glass Lids for all top openings
  • Cord Grommet
  • 5 Media Baskets
  • 5L Bio Media
  • 10 PPI foam pad w/ perforated aluminum basket divider
  • Option for holes drilled to your preference included in price. Let us know where and we'll make it happen

Here is a video showcasing the features and benefits of the Seamless Sump Filtration System.

This is a step by step video guide demonstrating how to fully and properly service and clean the Seamless Sump Filtration System.

Lead Times For Aquariums, Stands and Canopies, and Other Large Items

Please keep in mind that ALL products from CustomAquariums as well as many parts used to make the product are made and specifically tailored to each and every order. This results in slightly longer lead times than bulk manufacturers, but an unparalleled difference in precision and craftsmanship that will ensure that these aquariums will function at the highest level for a LIFETIME.

Lead times include time to process the order and manufacture the aquarium, lead time in our production queue, time for the aquarium to cure (several weeks), and shipping/freight time. Essentially, the time from when you order the aquarium to when you receive it at your door is what the lead times are estimating.

Standard Aquarium Lead Times for Orders that Contain Aquariums:

  • **SPECIAL: 30-40 business days (approx. 6-8 weeks, maybe sooner if we have them in stock)*

  • Standard: 40-50 business days (approx. 8-10 weeks)

*Fast Track Aquarium Lead Times for Orders that Contain Aquariums:

  • **SPECIAL: 20-25 Business Days (4-5 weeks, maybe sooner if we have them in stock)*
  • Standard: 30-35 Business Days (5-7 weeks)

*Fast Track Aquarium Shipping will add an additional 15% to the cost of the aquarium, stand, and canopy portion of your order. This puts the order towards the top of the production queue meaning that it will be manufactured quicker without sacrificing any precision or quality engineering. 

**SPECIAL Aquarium Deals are aquarium orders that have a seasonal or time-specified discount applied to them. We will notify for you if your order is Special or Standard. If in doubt, it is safe to assume that orders are Standard.

Please note that the glass tempering process, if selected, will add around 3-7 days to all lead times to ensure that the glass is properly cured/set for construction.

Lead Times For Other Smaller Items

Lead times for standard, smaller items (such as the H2Overflow, Siphon Stopper, Stealthbox, etc.) generally take anywhere from 4-10 business days to ship. If these items are needed earlier, there are other faster shipping options for an extra charge. Contact us at orders@twotidesaquariumsupply.com for more information. 

Although products from CustomAquariums are built to last a LIFETIME, Two Tides does offer a few different warranties through CustomAquariums.

Types of Warranties

  • Aquariums 75 gallons or above are subject to a limited lifetime warranty
  • Aquariums under 75 gallons are subject to a 90-day limited warranty

CustomAquariums Tank Warranty Policy

For the aquarium to be found defective the following stipulations must be met:

  • The aquarium must be placed and filled on a level, appropriately sized Majestic® brand aquarium stand manufactured by Lifetime Aquariums® / CustomAquariums.com
  • The aquarium has not been lifted or carried by the frame or while wet or filled with water or any materials such as decorations or substrate
  • The aquarium and aquarium stand may not be altered in any way including drilling additional holes or used for anything other than their original manufactured purpose of typical fish aquarium use
  • Aquarium must not be chipped or damaged, or the silicone altered in any way

Photos may be required to be supplied by the customer to verify these stipulations are met to claim a warranty. If aquariums are chipped upon delivery, this must be claimed immediately in writing on the Bill of Lading and notice must be given to CustomAquariums in writing within 24 hours when receiving the items (Two Tides can help send it to CustomAquariums; email us ASAP at orders@twotidesaquariumsupply.com). Any damage not claimed on the Bill of Lading will be assumed the customers responsibility. Chipping of aquariums and consequences resulting is not covered under any warranty. The warranty applies only to the original owner who purchased the aquarium from Two Tides Aquarium Supply. 

Should the aquarium be found defective, the customer must return the aquarium at their cost to CustomAquariums.com manufacturing facility in Neenah, Wi. The condition it arrives at the Neenah, Wi facility is the condition that will be evaluated for a warranty claim. The aquarium will be either replaced or repaired at the manufacturers discretion. The customer may pick up the aquarium at the manufacturers location without charge, or have the items shipped at the cost of the customer. The cost will consist of freight charges plus crating and labor. This warranty is limited to replacement/repair of the aquarium only. This warranty does NOT cover loss of fish, personal injury, property loss, or other damage arising out of the use of the aquarium.

CustomAquariums Majestic Canopy/Stand Warranty Policy

Majestic® stands and canopies are warrantied for 1 year from manufactures defect and workmanship. For the stand or canopy to be defective, the following stipulations must be met:

  • The stand or canopy must be used on a level floor surface, unaltered including the drilling of additional holes
  • The aquarium canopy / stand must be used in a typical aquarium fish use fashion
  • Aquariums are not warrantied from wear and tear, including fading from the sun, or from water damage, mold, or mildew; It is the customers responsibility to create conditions in which will prevent water damage, mold or mildew
  • Separation of the seams due to improperly removing the canopy and applying excessive force to the joints is not covered under warranty
  • Aquarium canopy / stands are not intended for outdoor use. Outdoor use will void any warranty

Should the Canopy / Stand be found defective, the customer must return the canopy / stand at their cost to CustomAquariums manufacturing facility in Neenah, Wi. The condition it arrives at the Neenah, Wi facility is the condition that will be evaluated for a warranty claim. The stand / canopy will be either replaced or repaired at the manufacturers discretion.

The customer may pick up the stand / canopy at the manufacturers location without charge, or have the items shipped at the cost of the customer. The cost will consist of freight charges plus crating and labor. This warranty is limited to replacement/repair of the canopy / stand only. This warranty does NOT cover loss of fish, personal injury, property loss, or damage arising out of the use of the aquarium.

Aquarium / Hood / Canopy Returns/Cancellations: 

All aquariums, canopies, and stands whether it be special, standard, or custom category, are built to order and can not be returned for any reason. Once an aquarium, canopy, or stand order is in production it may not be canceled for any reason. If the customer wants to cancel an order and the aquarium, canopy, or stand has not been started in production and no special order materials have been ordered or purchased, a full refund will be given. If an aquarium order is canceled during production prior to shipping and the aquarium is an unaltered common package special configuration, a full or partial refund may be given at the discretion of CustomAquariums management; however, this partial or full refund is not guaranteed. 

Damaged / Refused Delivery Aquariums / Stands / Canopies:

It is the customers responsibility to thoroughly inspect all shipments prior to receiving delivery and/or signing the Bill of Lading. This includes opening the lid of the crate and inspecting the items inside prior to accepting shipment regardless of the condition of the crate itself.

Should a customer receive an item with non-repairable damage they are to refuse delivery and clearly document the damage on the Bill of Lading and with digital photographs. CustomAquariums must be notified in writing of the damage with a copy of the Bill of Lading showing the documented damage as well as with digital photos within 24 hours or receiving or refusing the shipment (Two Tides can help send it to CustomAquariums; email us ASAP at orders@twotidesaquariumsupply.com).

Should the damage appear to be repairable and/or able to be remedied through shipping replacement parts, the customer may accept the shipment at their own risk, however they still must notify CustomAquariums in writing via email of the damage within 24 hours with documentation clearly written on the Bill of Lading and with digital photosFor any of the above scenarios, should CustomAquariums be denied damage claim due to insufficient documentation by the customer, the customer is responsible for the costs to remedy the damage.

Steps of Return Process

  1. Make sure that upon delivery you thoroughly inspect the contents of your product packaging (lift the lid of the tank crate if crated) to ensure that all contents are intact and free from scratches, chips, or cracks.
  2. If there are ANY signs of damage, IMMEDIATELY report the damages on the Bill of Lading with the carrier that brought the product.
  3. If the damages are in the form of leaks or cracks due to manufacturer error (as outlined in the Return Policy document), the product can be returned to the CustomAquariums manufacturing facility in Neenah, WI.
  4. The product will be shipped at the customer’s expense. The condition that the product arrives at the Neenah facility will be the condition which will be inspected, and CustomAquariums will repair or replace the item at their discretion. For pickup, the customer may pick up the product from the Neenah facility at no extra charge or have the item shipped back to their door at their own expense. 

The warranty does NOT cover any damage to physical property such as the contents or livestock of the aquarium, damages to the surrounding room or area, or personal injury.

If you would like to request a return that satisfies the conditions in the Return Policy, reach out to us immediately at info@twotidesaquariumsupply.com.

Have any further questions that aren't answered here? We'd love to hear from you, and learn how we can help you be as successful as possible in this wonderful hobby.

You can call in to 727-214-7750 to speak with Tyler from our team to determine how to create your Ideal Aquarium Build.

Also feel free to reach out to us at info@twotidesaquariumsupply.com and we will aim to respond back within the next few hours.


Ask a Question
  • Can I use the Seamless Sump® with an aquarium I already have?

    Yes, the Seamless Sump® is compatible with most existing overflow systems on the market. You can also add CustomAquariums’ overflow to most existing aquariums (so long as the glass is not tempered). Visit our Contact Page and get in touch for more details.

  • Can I fit the sump tubs under my stand?

    Most likely yes, because the system comes in 3 modular tubs, each tub in most situations can easily fit through the front doors of most stands. This also makes ongoing maintenance much easier because it is very simple to unhook one tub at a time and remove for a deep cleaning. Check the dimensions of each of the tubs in the “Specs” tab to make sure that they will fit in the door openings of your stand.

  • Why are the HDPE tubs better than the other acrylic tubs on the market?

    HDPE tubs are one piece molds, not glued/welded which creates weak spots. HDPE molded sumps have much stronger corner joints than glued/welded sumps. molded HDPE tubs have smooth, rounded corners which are much easier to clean. HDPE is highly resistant to chemicals and solvents.  

  • How do I get cords for my heaters and pumps out of the sump tubs?

    The Seamless Sump Baffle Tub comes standard with a cord management grommet to easily get the cords out of your tub to connect your pumps, heaters, and other in-sump equipment without leaving a gaping hole for evaporation.

  • Can you use the Seamless Sump® with protein skimmers?

    Yes, by adding the reservoir tub to your Seamless Sump® system there is plenty of room for the addition of a protein skimmer.

  • Why do the tubs have glass lids?

    Glass lids for each tub help reduce both noise from the pumps and water evaporation in the tubs. Unlike acrylic tops, glass lids will not warp or curl with moisture or turn yellow with UV light.

  • How many tubs can I connect to my aquarium?

    An infinite number of tubs can be used; the Seamless Sump® system is a modular system that utilizes as many Seamless Sump® tubs as necessary to meet the needs of the aquarium. And, the tubs easily fit through the doors of most commercially available sump systems.

  • Can the filter sock tub flood if the sock gets clogged?

    Should the sock pores clog in an extreme situation; the water would just trickle over the top edge of the sock and continue through the system without causing a flood or shutting down the flow of the entire system. This is a tremendous advantage.

  • Is the Seamless Sump® salt/reef ready?

    Yes, the sumps are molded with high density polyethylene; nothing is able to stick to this material thus reducing the amount of unsightly salt creep. The Sump is also designed to handle higher flow rates required for reef setups. It can also easily be used with CustomAquarium’s H2Overflow® system. Protein skimmers can also be easily plumbed in line with their system.

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