Maxspect Jump Sine Wave Silent Controllable DC Return Pump - 8K (up to 2113GPH)
Maxspect Jump Sine Wave Silent Controllable DC Return Pump - 8K (up to 2113GPH)
Maxspect Jump Sine Wave Silent Controllable DC Return Pump - 8K (up to 2113GPH)
Maxspect Jump Sine Wave Silent Controllable DC Return Pump - 8K (up to 2113GPH)

Maxspect Jump Sine Wave Silent Controllable DC Return Pump - 8K (up to 2113GPH)

Brand: Maxspect
Item Number: MXSP-JUMP-DC8K

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Sine Wave Technology: The Silent Pumps of The Future

Maxspect makes use of revolutionary Sine Wave technology in the new JUMP pumps. Most aquarium pumps use a traditional electrical current that alternates sharply resulting in more noise at a higher decibel level. JUMP pumps use a Sine Wave Pattern that alternates in a much smoother pendulum. The noise reduction is nothing short of remarkable. If you’re looking for an affordable, controllable, and near-silent return pump, this is it!

Pump Controller Included: All-In-One

You don’t need to purchase a sold separately pump controller to “unlock” the cool features that JUMP pumps have to offer. You don’t have to download an app or worry about WiFi or Bluetooth connectivity. Every Maxspect JUMP Pump comes with its own external controller you can discreetly mount to your aquarium stand for quick and easy access to all of the control capabilities of your pump.

Complete Control

Adjusting the pump speed is as easy as turning up or down the volume on your television. There are 15 levels of flow speed, so you can crank it up to stir up detritus before a water change and ramp it down at night or when you introduce a new fish or coral. There are a couple of pulsing flow modes you can utilize to create natural, wave-like movement in your aquarium. As water rocks back and forth and corals sway in the currents like Mother Nature intended, you’ll be enjoying uninterrupted views of your reef thanks to the pump’s use of Sine-Wave Technology for near-silent operation. Tap the feed button and pause your pump to keep food in the tank where fish and corals can eat it instead of it floating off into your filtration system where it will break down and pollute your water.

Max Flow: 2113GPH
Flow Speeds:
  • Level 1: 898 GPH
  • Level 2: 962 GPH
  • Level 3: 1026 GPH
  • Level 4: 1090 GPH
  • Level 5: 1154 GPH
  • Level 6: 1218 GPH
  • Level 7: 1282 GPH
  • Level 8: 1346 GPH
  • Level 9: 1410 GPH
  • Level 10: 1474 GPH
  • Level 11: 1538 GPH
  • Level 12: 1602 GPH
  • Level 13: 1666 GPH
  • Level 14: 1730 GPH
  • Level 15: 1794 GPH
  • Level 16: 1858 GPH
  • Level 17: 1922 GPH
  • Level 18: 1985 GPH
  • Level 19: 2049 GPH
  • Level 20: 2113 GPH
Max Head: 14 ft

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The Proof is in the Result

47 reviews
Very quite motor

Love this pump. Works like a champ.

Absolutely amazing customer service!

I ordered this unintentionally and wrote in to Two Tides for help. Tyler was back in touch within probably an hour. I was in a place where I couldn’t respond so he reached out two more times until we were able to connect. Instead of just letting it go he made an amazing effort to make sure I got the fuzzy socks too. Every review you read about Tyler is true. I am definitely buying all my stuff from them going forward, I wish they had a bigger assortment of products but this place is all about customer service. I wish the other online marine stores were this good.

Best Bang for your Buck!

I’ve used these lights on my Nano Reef tanks for well over a year now so I decided to roll the dice and run four over my newly purchased Prostar 200 Aqaurium even though they aren’t intended for larger tanks. Paired with the 18 inch flex mounts these lights offer a clean high end look for under $1K. The best part is they can provide enough even solid PAR spread to run a mixed Reef tank if you plan accordingly. The app is easy to use when you get the hang of it and their website has plenty of presets that you can download to make set up a breeze. If your looking for a high end reef capable light without the high end cost and bulky appearance then this is a good choice.

Thank you Tyler for getting these to me quickly!